Noise Reduction Apparatus #1

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Times Square • New York, NY • 1993-4

Noise Reduction Apparatus #1 was a Mural composed of reflectors directly glued to the face of a building near the corner of 42nd Street and Broadway (Times Square) in New York City. I was asked by Creative Times to participate in a project sponsored by the Urban Development Corporation, an entity of the State of New York with the directive to redevelop the Times Square area. This was a very visually noisy place with signs, billboards and neon all yelling as load as they could saying pay attention to me, me, me. In response to this, I created a visual center, a focal point, based on three primary images of unity, geometric symbols of the Female, Male and the Cosmic Ripple (wave form). The mural was up for a year and a half at which time the building that it was adhered to was torn down to make room for a Disney Store.

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