Then Till Now: A History and Culture Based Portrait Of Minneapolis As Expressed Through Six Geometric Platform Designs

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Hiawatha Light Rail System • Minneapolis, Minnesota • 2002-2003

This image: The native influence is seen in the Franklin Street Station and is based on two 1,400-year-old pottery shards from the Cambria site along the Minnesota River. 200’x16’

I spent a week researching patterns in Minneapolis/Saint Paul museums, working with community members and curators. Each platform is inspired by artifacts or architectural details found in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul communities. The specific designs that I selected as inspirational starting points were picked for their cultural and historical importance. Each platform design stands on its own, and together they make a unified statement about the cultural history of Minneapolis.

Inspiration for the art falls into three groups; a native motif, immigrant fabrics, and the culture that has developed in Minneapolis as expressed through its architecture.
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