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Jefferson Elementary School • Tacoma, WA • 2007

Crossroads is composed of a series of reflector works that enhance the main arterial space, the crossroads of Jefferson Elementary in Tacoma Washington. Three 57.5”x57.5” reflective paintings installed as one unit will hang on the main brick wall and five 19.5”x17.5” reflective window panels will be placed in the windows of Jefferson’s two main entries. Two of the window panels will be located in the window sets of the entry which faces north, three patterns will be located in the window sets of the entry that faces south. The intricate geometric designs of each art unit will interact with the other designs while accentuating and blending into the rhythms of the glass, brick, and architecture. The rhythm of reflective designs and landscape seen through the clear glass will create a dramatic and kinetic light experience. The art will create a joyful, inspiring, and thoughtful addition to the school setting.
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